February 16, 2009

Obama Nation - 2

"You know, I just feel Obama, don't you feel Obama?"
Emily Troutman, a writer and photographer living in Washington DC made her way around Washington, D.C. ....
... and asked hundreds of people to pick words to represent how they feel now, at the dawn of a new beginning for the United States. Participants chose from 26 words:

Alive, Angry, Anxious, Awed, Believe, Curious, Dancer, Excited, Grateful, Happy, Hopeful, Human, Humble, Jealous, Joyful, Love, Obama, Patient, Proud, Ready, Scared, Skeptical, Tired, Together, Wonder, Worried
Well....see the slideshow/video here to see which words were favorites.

(Note: This is almost a month late but again, as with my previous post, I am playing catch-up because of my hiatus in January. However, I've decided to make this a new series of posts under the title of "Obama Nation": obviously about Obama and the new administration but not the usual politics but interesting and oddball news snippets that I run into.)

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