February 28, 2009

Tweeting is the soul of wit

1. According to an aggregator of electronic parliamentary missives, 65% of Labour MPs are hooked on Twitter.

2. Speaking of labour, Ramesh Srivats had a great tweet just now: "Women who deliver in govt. hospital to get Rs.800 http://tinyurl.com/dbl74a Guess they want to be seen as a 'labour' friendly govt."

Actually, Ramesh has taken the art of tweeting to a whole different level. Check this series from couple days back, based on articles he found in Times of India.
  1. Weird headline in TOI - 'Two held for trying to sell police' http://tinyurl.com/c386uy Guess the police prefer selling themselves.
  2. Cops to return bribe with 9% interest http://tinyurl.com/af8ojg So now we can bribe as a matter of 'principal'.
  3. BSY allots Rs.130cr to temples to ward off K'taka's past sins http://tinyurl.com/d2j8nr Are even our Gods open to bribes?
  4. Gujarat advertises for intelligence officers at Rs.4,500/month http://tinyurl.com/bkewno Not likely to get very intelligent officers, uh?
  5. Court reduces sentence of rape convict because he passes IAS exam http://tinyurl.com/crecut Proof that our bureaucrats lack 'conviction'
Ramesh also blogs and his blog - Let's Put Da - is full of great posts, full of wit and humor.

Btw, I tweet too -- http://twitter.com/sanjeevn

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