February 11, 2009

As good as a PlayStation for Xmas

News snippets do read like they are written by The Onion satirists some times. For example, this report of the kid in Florida who asked Obama a question and  apparently got a job in return.
It was quite a moment at the end of President Obama's town hall meeting in Fort Myers, Fla., yesterday. As The News-Press writes, 19-year-old Julio Osegueda "rocketed from a Cape Coral teenager who flips burgers for $7.85 an hour at a McDonald's to an instant celebrity of sorts."
And he got a temporary job.

"I have never felt this good except maybe when I got my PlayStation 3 for Christmas," Osegueda told the News-Press later.
Do read the News-Press article. What a big hooplah - including prank radio calls and such -- over nothing! But hey...at least now I know how it feels to get a job - even a temporary one - in this economic environment! :)

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