February 18, 2009

Believe in the Devil

QOTD... from the short piece, Armageddon in Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut.
'Believe in the Devil,' I say, and we'll go on believing in him unless we get better reasons than we've got for not believing in him. That's scinece!"
On that devilish note, let me move on to Maureen Dowd's op-ed this week titled: Cheney and the Goat-Devil.

I asked Adam McKay, the former head writer of "Saturday Night Live" who directed and co-wrote the show with Ferrell, why people respond this way to one of the worst presidents ever. "He's so clearly a neglected 13-year-old that there's something really kind of heartbreaking about him," McKay said, calling him "a good-time Charlie" who was "just used his whole life to front  questionable business endeavors, and in a way that's what his presidency was. "He doesn't have Cheney's cartoonish need for power and greed that's so off the charts you don't even understand how Cheney got that way. W. may have some awareness, deep down inside, sort of like a petulant teenager who just flunked the trig quiz and knows he screwed up. I think Cheney not only knows but is delighted with everything he did, as is Rumsfeld."

One of the great mysteries of the Bush presidency is whether W. ever had an epiphany when he realized that he had been manipulated by Dick Cheney, whether it ever hit him that he had trusted the wrong father figure.

She goes on to talk about how W tried to distance Cheney in the last few years and stopped "running things by the VP's office". Also, the ice between the two over denial of Libby's pardon....about which Wonkette had a hilariously written piece yesterday.

But let me end with Dowd's brilliant last lines..

But it's not clear whether W. is simply pouting because Cheney's machinations blackened his legacy, or if, at long last, he fathoms the morality of it, that Cheney did hideous things to the Constitution — not to mention that goat devil.
Haah! Gotta give it to Dowd. Keeps me amused all the time. Who else would bring images of an evil Cheney doing "hideous things" to a goat devil in the basement. :)

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