February 11, 2009

The City of Slumped Shoulders

I used to like Chicago in the 90s. Then, somewhere along the way, in the late 90s, I realized it is not really such a "nice" city to live in. The traffic was what got to me but apparently there's more to make Chicagoans miserable!

The Windy City looked may have looked like paradise to many the night hundreds of thousands gathered to hear Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, but that tranquil bliss didn’t stop Chicago from being ranked America’s third most miserable city. Corruption, unemployment, and “lengthy” being a descriptor of both the commutes and the winter drudge have the City of Big Shoulders slumping. Forbes took into account unemployment, tax rates, foreclosures, crime and corruption when creating the list o’ suck, which meant that while cities such as Detroit and Flint were no-brainers, the appearance of Chicago, Memphis, and St. Louis may turn some heads. Pittsburghers will be happy to know, though, that their contempt for the city of Cleveland now has the blessing of Forbes Magazine.

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