February 12, 2009

Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life

In less frivolous mode than my previous post, let me share two links that talk about Lincoln and Darwin's lives and their importance today.

1) Brad Hirschfield, who explores the uses and abuses of religion in politics and pop culture in his posts, writes today in a post titled Lincoln, Darwin and Gay Marriage
Of course, there is no moral equivalence between creationists and supporters of human slavery, but it is worth noting that in each case, people used/use religion and scriptural passages to justify their beliefs. I hope that both those in the PCUSA and anyone else who uses sacred teachings to justify their position, whatever it may be, remembers that having a verse to lean on never guarantees that God is leaning your way.

It would be helpful in addressing today's culture wars if both creationists and those who oppose any recognition of the potential sacredness of a committed, monogamous, same sex relationship, without betraying their beliefs, approached these issues with greater humility. It's worth remembering that like those who used the bible to support slavery, they might one day look back, if not with shame, at least with regret over their understanding of God's word....and so might those who support such marriages and unions. If we treated each other with that awareness, whichever we go, will get there together and be the better for it as a nation.

2) A book Review in Time magazine of a recent book: Angels & Ages: A short book about Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life by Adam Gopnik.

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