April 8, 2007

RIP, Johnny Hart.

The cartoonist Johnny Hart, creator of the“B.C.” comic strip and co-creater of the “Wizard of Id” comic strip., died at his home here on Saturday. RIP, Johnny.

Just like Schulz, I (and millions others) will really miss your humor.

Both BC and Wizard of Id have got to be in my top 5 comics of all time. Hmm.. makes me wonder...what are my top 5? The top 4 jump to mind and are very clear -
Dilbert, B.C., Wizard of Id, Dilbert...and -- am I missing something else near and dear to my heart -- .... hmm.. I also enjoy The Born Loser, Off the Mark, Beetle-Bailey, and Marmaduke but do not think they make the top 5.

Update: Aah yes...know what I was missing. Garfield!! Also, how could I forget Calvin and Hobbes - which is #1, without doubt!!

So here it is..
Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Dilbert, Wizard of Id, and tied at #5 are B.C. and Garfield.

What are your top 5 comic strips? Let me know!

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