April 10, 2007

Random Links - 5

1) An interesting experiment!

Internationally renowned violinist Joshua Bell played busker at a Metro station in Washington, DC during morning rush hour recently. It was an experiment to see if anyone would recognize him, recognize the talent behind the music, or would drop money in his case.

Anyways, go to the end of the rather long cover story from the Washington Post Magazine (includes videos of the experiment) to find out what happened... - via a Neatorama post

Learn something new everyday.. busker = a person who entertains in a public place for donations (chiefly British)

2) Interesting scientific advances
- The cover story in this week's Science news is about computational photography, new methods to capture an image that result in a profoundly different photograph than is possible using a traditional camera (analog or digital).

- A group of scientists have found a way to bend and direct liquid using only the force of light

3) General interesting (and sometimes odd) snippets from here and there - mostly from Digg, del.ici.ous, and other social bookmarking sites. Sorry.. I did not keep track of where I found them as I use Google Reader these days to subscribe to feeds from a variety of sources.

- Human pixelated graphics: Like the Sovient Union of old, totalitarian N Korea... can get people to practice to put on shows like this! Ok..its either totalitarian govts or college students with too much time on their hands that can do such things - case in point: Donkey Kong graphics using Post-It notes!!

- Smithsonian's Behind the Scenes Tour (check this one out!)

- Hilarious ad... careful opening it at work ...wouldnt call it NSFW but it has half of a moon-shot....someone passing by who glances at your computer might take offence and get you in a spot of bother. Don't blame me!

- Pink Polka is a band out of Toledo that does polka covers of Pink Floyd songs. Never would have put Polka and PF together!! (- via)

4) This happened north of here...several people from work saw it over the weekend...apparently, the road is still red!

The northbound side of Interstate 495 in Littleton was one big splash of color after a truck spilled wood-chip dye the night before.

5) Outrageous!!

- Professor Walter F. Murphy, a Korean war hero and McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence (emeritus) at Princeton, was delayed while flying because he's on a "terrorist watch list." The check-in clerk told him that he was probably added because he gave a speech that was critical of the president (who dodged his military service). - via

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