April 22, 2007

Random Links - 7

1) Haah.... an old encyclopedia says comic books make kids do "wicked acts." Read more here.

2) hahaha...this has got to tick the Christian right wingers in the country off :)
The Blasphemy Challenge is a website that invites people to submit video testimonials denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. Those who do will get a free copy of the documentary, The God Who Wasn't There. - via BB
3) Bizarre and quaint ...

Amazing inventor Athanasius Kircher designed this cat piano in in the 17th century. Kitties with differently-pitched voices were placed in the pens and then "triggered" to meow with a sharp poke in the ass. - via BB

Also see
The Extreme Piano! Some people have too much time on their hand... (actually, we all have the same amount of time. I just don't put mine to good constructive use!)

4) "On April, 20th, Bill Gates went to Peking University to give a talk titled "Creativity, China, Future". After the talk, someone held a piece of paper written with 'Free software, Open source' rushed to the stage before Mr. Gates while spoke word to support open source software. It is said that that man is named Yang Wang, and he is a representative of LPI (Linux Professional Institute). - via BB

5) Adjustable breast implants and inspirations from breasts! (What would be the adjective for breasts? Breasty insipirations?)

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