April 4, 2007


January 13, 2007:

I like Ashbhishek myself ..rolls of the tongue funny :)

Amit Varma writes:
I am delighted that Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan are now engaged. Why? I like couples that alliterate, that's why.

I just hope our tabloids don't try to do a Brangelina on us by calling them Ashbhishek or Abhiwarya. Immense irritation will then arise, and Salman Khan will be remembered fondly, for had Aishwarya gotten together with him, they would have been called AshMan. Nice, no?

Update: My deepest fears are already coming true. Reader Vikram Chandrashekar informs me via email that this Rediff piece contains the phrase "also known as Abhiwarya." Noooooooo...

Update 2: Anand Ramachandran makes a list of Desi Brangelinas. Sensible is a masterstroke! I can already picture the two of them together...

Well...now that the wedding is more or less confirmed (
the attempts to obfuscate by family friends like Amar Singh notwithstanding) and the media cannot fill their slots with their "are they getting married-or-not?" BS, the gossip turns to Aish's future after the wedding, when the wedding will be...and so on and so forth!

Funnily, this 'hero' is blaming the Bachchans for the media's indulging in this spectacle! What a spectacle!

Meanwhile, Guru, a Mani Ratnam movie starring the jodi is supposed to be a good movie and opened to good reviews in the US & Canada this past weekend.

Update - February 2007: Was in India for a few days in February and tired very quickly of the unbelievable hype and frenzy around the impending Abhiwarya wedding and Shilpa Shetty's performance and charges of racism on Big Brother-UK. Phew.. we have nothing more important to talk, discuss, and debate in the country?

And its neither Abhiwarya or Ashbishek... its

Update - March 2007: Now u have more reasons to remember April 20th :)

Abhishek-Aishwarya wedding on April 20

And now the discussion can move to details of the wedding - life is a multiple choice question, have your pick: low-key or big event or
'Charles & Diana' spectacular (hope it doesn't end like theirs!) - who will attend, even possibly by paying a big fee, and who (Gandhi's) allegedly won't be interested... how and where it will be arranged..where they will honeymoon... how many times they will have sex on the first night (ok..made that one up!).

What a circus .. none of it of the doing of the people getting married or their families but mere interpretations, downright rumors, gossiping, and lies from all sorts of unseemly sources. As if the whole cricketing saga is not enough...we have to deal with this ridiculousness on both these so-called passions of the country - Bollywood and cricket - simultaneously!!

So, hey... you gonna attend? Afterall, we are discussing this like it was one of our siblings or dear friends getting married, aren't we!! Bleeping ridiculous!

Update - April 2007: Jag Mundhra - who till recently co-produced and directed B-grade movies for Skinemax with Ashok Amritaj - is overjoyed and loving the hype. His movie starring Aishwarya is going to release two weeks before the wedding.

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