April 18, 2007

Random Links - 6

1) Don't know what to say...am just laughing away after seeing this..

Horny Dog Relief - Doggy Sex Doll

I think someone should put this up in a gallery somewhere as 'art'...after all, there is no saying what can pass as art these days! :)

2) every kid should have this much fun...

Apartment Slide

and every adult should have this much fun :)

Jet-man ....see the video at the link.

3) An inspirational story...

Finishing the Boston Marathon

Jacob Seilheimer went on a diet and lost 89 pounds (an accomplishment in itself), which got him down to 349 pounds. Then he ran the Boston Marathon (as an unofficial entry), and finished! Dead last... (Link)

... but that's besides the point!

4) I won't complain about my job...at least for the next hour :)

Here's a video of a 'high voltage power line cable inspector' at work (via)

and then there's the plumber that burned down a £5 million mansion on his first day at work! :)

5) Great ad from Huggies! This ad was #2 at the AdCracker Top 10 Creative Ad awards .
The #1 ad was a PC-vs-Mac ad and I must admit that whole series is very funny.

6) Shudder...!

With over 3,920 body piercings and tattoos (192 piercings in her face alone!), Elaine Davidson currently holds the world record of most body piercing.
7) Guess what tops the list as the biggest Internet Crime of 2006

Two snippets from Harper's Weekly Review from early March that may be worth blogging about now, albeit long after the 'news'. News like this can never be stale!

Female koalas in Australia were ignoring males in favor of five-bear lesbian orgies. [The Advocate]
Social scientists found that Americans born after 1982 have succumbed to an epidemic of pathological narcissism.[Christian Science Monitor]

And speaking of koala lesbian orgies.... one only wonders what/how these cows were 'used' before being so unceremoniously put out for sale... :)

Used Cow For Sale

Note to self: Must alert Amit Varma ;)

9) I'll add something here later...gotta run!

10) And I'll end with an awesome cartoon

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