April 5, 2007

All the world's a stage

As Amit would say.. much joy explodes... :)

1) Amit Varma of India Uncut blogged today about a report about
"moral police in Mumbai cracking down on couples cosying up at the seafront" and the parks of the city!

Meanwhile, in other parts of the city (this link coincidentally found while reading the above story at Indian express)

Seemingly, parks can and are being put to some use, if not for romance! Sweet dreams! :)

2) And Amit also linked today to a report that drinking milk helps to quit smoking. That article had this link in a side-column.

A milky aphrodisiac is here!
Is camel milk the Viagra of the desert? It appears so in the arid state of Rajasthan, where thousands of men have been clamoring to get their hands on camel milk after an 88-year-old man who fathered a child several weeks ago attributed his virility to the drink.

Earlier Amit had blogged about some loony guy bathing in milk and ghee for "Abhiwarya"'s future health and safety! Maybe he was merely wishing them luck in the bedroom and wishing for lots of beautiful progeny... (Conan's got to feature them in his hilarious "If they mated" segment and do morph of the two to see what their progeny would look like!) .... but then shouldn't it be Ashbishek who are bathing in milk! Now...that is THE media spectacle we are all waiting to see!!

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