October 28, 2006

October Surprise -- NOT

U.S. Embassy bombings suspect confirmed killed
An al Qaeda operative wanted in connection with the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings was killed in April in Pakistan, U.S. officials have confirmed. DNA tests confirmed Muhsin Musa Matwalli Atwah died in an airstrike by Pakistani forces near the border with Afghanistan, the officials said. The simultaneous embassy attacks in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killed 224 people.
Aah. just found a plastic.com thread on the subject of an October Surprise!..
You know you want it. Perhaps we've seen a glimpse of it and haven't realized it. But.It. Will. Happen. So, here's the question. Just what will the October Surprise be and when will it drop? Karl Rove says he has it. Is it an OBL video, a terrorist capture, a Democratic scandal, record-low gas pump prices, or a brilliant Iraq plan, or something so surprising we can't begin to imagine it? Place your bets, folks. Because, unlike the breaching of levees and the flying of airplanes into buildings, this can be forseen by everyone.
Blaah... Meanwhile....

100th US soldier dies in Iraq this month. And we've pretty much lost count of the # of Iraqi's...

Staff Sgt. Billy Brown, an Alaska national guardsman, is believed to be the
first Eskimo killed because of the Iraq war. Apparently, it took 20 men a full day to dig his grave through the permafrost in a town 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Earlier last week... President George W. Bush signed the
Military Commissions Act, which suspends the right of habeas corpus for terrorism suspects and grants immunity to CIA interrogators and government officials, such as President Bush, for violations of the War Crimes Act.

VP Dick Cheney has confirmed that U.S. interrogators subjected captured Al-Qaida suspects to a controversial interrogation technique called "water-boarding," which creates a sensation of drowning. Cheney indicated that the Bush administration doesn't regard water-boarding as torture and allows the CIA to use it. "It's a no-brainer for me."

Update: Aah...here comes the back-tracking.
The White House denies that VP Cheney was referring to waterboarding when he endorsed a "dunk in water" as a way of getting information from detainees. But then what do you expect of people who "misquote themselves while purporting to display candor."

Meanwhile, some countries try to refute criticism over their treatment of prisoners by saying they are only following the U.S. example on handling terror suspects.

Rummy, who in the past has defended the war on terrorism and called Bush critics names - "Nazi appeasers"
- because the world faces a new type of fascism, said last week that those "demanding deadlines for progress in Iraq should "just back off," because it is too difficult to predict when Iraqis will resume control of their country."

And the Bush administration changes semantics but little else with their favorite phrase (No..not "Mission Accomplished" but "Stay the course") being redefined to convey the message that they are more flexible than previously stated. Cut and run is still part of the political rhetoric though...

Aah...good to hear there is a plan - albeit a secret plan! ;)

During a debate with his Democratic rival, Senator Conrad Burns of Montana said that President Bush (who this week compared Iraq to Vietnam) has a secret plan for winning the war, but that Bush is not going to share his plan with the world.

Meanwhile, Bush admin says U.S. has milestones, not ultimatums, for Iraq

Meanwhile, the pre-election name-calling reaches a new low with
the Republican National Committe running a T.V. ad in Tennessee in which ends with a pretty, blonde white woman is essentially soliciting African American Senatorial candidate Harold Ford...! (And perhaps not surprisingly, it is that racist George Allen's ad man that is responsible for the ads!

And here is a
compilation of all the members of the 109th Congress currently under investigation by the DoJ.

And a friend had written to me earlier about this but I had not realized it was the National Guard giving these cut-outs out - thought it was one family that was dealing with the situation by doing this!

The Maine National Guard has been offering “Flat Daddies” and “Flat Mommies,” life-size cardboard cutouts of deployed service members, to spouses, children, and relatives waiting for them to return.- Boston Globe

Watch this haunting observational film that explodes the myth around the claims that the Iraqis are preparing to take control of their own country.
Sean Smith spent nearly six weeks with the 101st Division of the US army in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the conservative news radio continues its blatherings... Limbaugh accuses Michael J. Fox of faking Parkinson's Disease symptoms while campaigning for Congress candidates who support stem cell research.

And last but not least....
read more about all the legal wranglings of this woman who had a bumper sticker that said..."I'm Tired of All the BUSH*T." We all are... but this woman was brave enough to put it on her car and got a ticket for it and is now fighting the system for her freedom of _expression. More power to her...!!!

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