October 18, 2006

Superpower for the 21st century - 1

Painting Bihar pink to raise morale...instead of fighting crime! (didnt know there is an Aurangabad in Bihar too!) - via
Authorities in eastern India are painting a crime-infested town pink in the hope that an image makeover will lift the sagging morale of residents who are fed up with the decline in law and order
But waste of money by politicians and stupid shenanigans to raise morale are all fine and dandy in a superpower democracy...atleast India is rolling strong in the 21st century... no? :)

Deities 'oppose' mega power project - via

A man has survived 22 snake bites in the last 10 years and lived to relate his tale of woe. Because of what he has gone through, Sant Ram's family claims he is cursed. As a result, he had developed a particular odour in his body that attracted snakes towards him. On the other hand, Sant Ram can also smell the presence of a snake in his surrounding. - via

And now horoscopes for cattle in Ranchi

And last but the most UNBELIEVABLE but TRUE.... A 'Hindu' monkey goes to jail for sparking communal tension after biting Muslim kids - Raised by a Hindu family, the monkey, apparently bit some Muslim children five years ago, sparking communal tension in the area. The monkey has since been caged in Orissa for the last five years for disturbing communal harmony. - via
But we'll be fine - afterall, India does not take the honors of being the only place with stupid people and politicians with stupid plans.. :)
In China, a panda attacks a man who enters the panda's cage to 'hug' the bear. Man bites panda back.

In Iran, Iran's supreme leader answers asks his followers to
not masturbate during Ramadan as he answers this and other topics on his website!

Pakistan decides to remain as antiquated as ever with attempts to
reform Pakistan's rape laws have run aground

and in Australia, they want a lingerie subsidy to save marriages

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Revealed said...

Hehe. Yup, India considering where she lives is doing as fine as can be expected:)

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