October 15, 2006


First there is Rocky Singh...owns an airline company in Slovakia now and wants to give you a Punjabi experiene. read about him at this post by Amit Varma.

And then there is Rocky Patel... I read about him in some Indian zine last week.

Seems he came to the US when he was 13.. became a lawyer in Hollywood.. after long days, went to a cigar club to unwind (where he met ppl like Mel Gibson and other celebrities)... then got into cigar business ...after it took off left his cigar business and moved to Florida, where he now lives the life of a multi-millionare, whose cigars are quite famous (though he is not a Cuban or a Honduran or Guatemalan, by sheer persistence and hard work he broke into the industry, the article said).

He even has a cigar named after himself... so, next time u want a smoke....ask for a Rocky Patel

So, now onwards, the next time anyone says Rocky...I'll be reminded of Rocky Singh and Rocky Patel and not of Sanjubaba (somehow never thought of Stallone but then I am not a fan of Sly's movies or his mumbling & in fact, have not seen the Rocky series - wtf, a 6th one - I didn't know they even went beyond 3!) :)

Speaking of Sanjubaba, saw the Korean movie, OldBoy (won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2004) yesterday - it was remade in India with Sanjay Dutt as Zinda.

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