October 13, 2006

GoogleTube - I

1. didnt realize one of the 3 owners of youtube is still a grad student... Jawed Karim. After being bought out by Google for 1.65 billion dollars (yes..thats billion!!), all 3 youngbies (in their 20s) are multi-millionares ofcourse...

Apparently, Jawed was also part of the original Paypal team and made $$$$ when eBay bought them. Has a penchant for making the right choices, this kid..huh? :)

And speaking of Ebay, apparently, airline terror suspects used eBay for operation's funding

2. Amit Varma asks
You Tube or Utube? Never ask, Whats in a name?

3. People everywhere are wondering what is Youtube's future
or lackthereof (latter from before Google bought it!). And here is fun-look at what the future holds for Youtube ...

Google: $225 billion ecommerce play

Google Earth aid for Maha farmers

Google Code Search is now live - a source code search engine!!

They also have a new beta version of Google Groups

And check out the directory of Google Gadgets for your webpage

Google tech talks are now availableGoogle Launches Classroom Project

Talented people in short supply: Google
There may be more than a billion people in India, but even an Internet superstar like Google Inc has trouble recruiting talented locals in its South Asian operations, a board member said here.

More on Google here...

And finally... my wife always says, given how much I use their products and rave about them, that I should have been working for Google. Well.. apparently,we all work for Google- because apparently “Every time you run a Google search, you make its brain more powerful"

6. And what about the others?

As Google whips out its fat wallet to buy the video site YouTube, it is making Yahoo look even more out of step with the fast-changing Internet advertising market.
Yahoo vs. Facebook, MySpace, Digg, YouTube

Neat applet from Yahoo! - A Digital Time Capsule
Info about this: After 30 days, time capsule content will be saved onto a digital archive and sealed, to be opened at Yahoo! corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. on the company's 25th anniversary in the year 2020. In addition, copies of this content will be presented to Smithsonian Folkways Recordings archives in Washington, DC to be preserved, studied and shared with future generations.

7. Should make for interesting reading...
All We Got Was Web 1.0, When Tim Berners-Lee Actually Gave Us Web 2.0

8. Why Microsoft’s future OS could be open source

9. And speaking of MS, never know where you'll run into the omnipresent Blue Screen of Death...

10. And with all these links about technology...have to link to this news story about global communication via a message in a bottle.. :)

Girl's message in a bottle reaches from Norway to NZ in 47 days..

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