October 11, 2006

Lets ban thinking - 1

The Harrisonburg High School was forced to take down its display of banned books coommemorating banned books week because the school superintendent thought such a display would encourage students to read the books just because they were banned!

In the Caney Creek school district, Alton Verm, the father of a sophomore was not too happy about having his daughter read "Fahrenheit 451." Looking through the book, he found several parts of its content objectionable. "...Discussion of being drunk, smoking cigarettes, violence, "dirty talk," references to the Bible and using God's name in vain. He said the book's material goes against their religions beliefs. "It's just all kinds of filth," said Alton Verm, adding that he had not read Fahrenheit 451.

Like the Nameless Cynic wrote at the thread...
For those of you not up on your Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 is about a world where nobody reads books, and the role of firemen is not to put fires out, but to burn literature. The title refers to the temperature at which paper catches fire. I think that one of the "dirty words" that Alton Vern objected to was "irony."

- Above examples via this thread at plastic.com

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