November 2, 2006

GoogleTube - II

Even as there comes news of the web reaching a 100 million websites, you know Google has made it see this! If there was a God, she would also Google.. :)
Expected but sad to see that people, including some big companies like Time Warner , have their eyes on Google's deep pockets and going after Google for all sorts of reasons... just like the Ohio pipe manufacturer who suddenly realized after Google took over Youtube that his company was being killed by Youtube because its website clashes with!!! No wonder, Google's lawyers (these two young kids) are having a busy time and trying to "establish a body of legal interpretation that favors the company."
The 1,001 top rated videos from Youtube updated every week
If you don't have the time to see videos online but can watch it later ... here are 5 Easy Ways to Download Video from Google and YouTube to your Computer
And if you are really interested, you can catch up on all your Youtube news here
And speaking of videos, did not find this one on Youtube but stumbled into it yesterday... (I have a feeling, 'stumbled' is going to be my next best-verb after 'googled' :))'ve got to see this video of a VERY lucky Indian lady!
And though today's the age of videos, sometimes pictures can be very funny too... a few words of ignorance or otherwise bring more laughs and mirth than a funny video or 10 episodes of America's Funniest Videos can (that show should be renamed America's dumbest videos!).

Although, I should say this - With pictures, I find it more and more difficult to be sure if it is photoshopped or not. For eg: see these pictures of a
fog in Dubai or these pictures of cloud/sunrise over Mt Helens..or this sand-storm in Iraq or some of the pictures in this ‘Last photo I took’ series.. or this picture of an icy day in who-knows-where! As you will see in this video, even beauty can come from... Photoshop though obviously, beauty may also be caught through some interesting high-speed (super slow motion) videos too!

And now you can
watch some Movies online – not sure though how long this site will be on as I am not sure if this site is not in violation of copyright rules!

That’s all for now… more links on some neat sites based on Flickr to be added later.. Enjoy!

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