November 9, 2006

The Arrow of Time

Pictures taken on the same day every year.... a great quick look at life and how they have changed (physically) over 30 years!

Really neat that they have pictures all the way back from 1976. This idea is much better than the sites I have seen where people, thanks to the modern conveniences of digital cameras and phone cameras, take a picture of themself every single day of the year and post it at their blogs. Simply too boring and narcisstic, in my opinion. There are variations on this theme, like a daily photo from Paris or San Fransisco or London or Earth Science picture of the day or the NASA picture of the day... that I enjoy because it is not the same face every day but is like a picture-blog or a plog.. (If people can have vlogs, I think this one's gotta be called a plog!)

Nice graphics at this kinda related page called The Circular Life

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