April 2, 2006

Sharp shooter - Samaresh Jung

India seems to be performing really well at shooting at the Commonwealth Games being held in Melbourne.

Jung fails in bid for six golds / Preview: Jung gears up in bid for new record
India's Samaresh Jung failed in his bid to match the record of six gold medals at a single Games when he pulled out of the competition.*

His wife, Anuja Jung emulated her husband when she
won the gold in the women's 50m rifle three position shooting event at the Commonwealth Games on Thursday. Top Indian shooter Anjali Bhagwat and her partner Anuja Jung won the silver medal in the women's 50 metre rifle 3 positions pairs event. In fact, for Samaresh Jung, guns run in the family.
Its sad that I never heard of Samaresh Jung till today..!! I have heard of that other shooting guy......damn - travesty that I can't remember his name of the top of my head.... princely name... aah.. google-to-the-rescue- Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore ...who won a silver in the men's double-trap shooting event at the Athens Olympics... but have never heard of Jung before!

Equally shameful though is the fact that the Indian Government's Sports Portal entry for Samaresh Jung has his name & address and thats it... nothing listed under records, medals, awards, and achievements!! Shameful that India, who the world comes for software outsourcing, cannot have a good decent webpage and keep it updated. (The same shame applies to BCCI too..which despite its overflowing coffers, has not invested the time and effort in putting up its own webpage - though there is some talk lately since the new leadership took over of finally having one put together! Better late than never, I suppose...!)

* Naah..this other report says he ended ninth place..did NOT pull out of the competition!!
His pre-games hopes of eight gold medals were dashed with a silver in his opening event, in which he was the defending champion. Jung rallied to win five consecutive gold medals before losing a three-way shootout on Friday and winding up with the bronze. Saturday's result was his only event without a medal. 'I'm happy to have won five gold. I didn't come to Melbourne with the record in mind, fate brought me close to it and then took it away,' he said.

At Manchester in 2002, Jung won two gold and three silver medals and India topped the shooting competition by claiming 14 gold medals. India shooting coach Sunny Thomas had predicted an improvement in the medal haul in Melbourne and his team delivered, earning 16 gold and 27 overall after the last pistol event. Jung now has 12 career medal, including seven gold. The Jung family had nine, with Samaresh' wife Anuja Jung winning a gold and a silver. "

After crowning himself in glory at the Commonwealth Games, ace Indian shooter Samaresh Jung began his campaign in the ISSF World Cup in Guangzhou, China, on a disappointing note, finishing 34th in the 50-metre Free Pistol event. Oh well...fatigue and falling off from the high and rush of the Games, I suppose - often happens with sportsmen. If he is so good..he'll be back!!

Insensitively and sensationalistically titled summary of Indian performances at the Commonwealth Games at Indiatimes -
Sex, drugs and gold: India do it all

GOLD: The reference is clearly a celebration of India
winning 22 medals and 50 medals overall - finishing 4th in the medals tally behind UK, Australia, and Canada - though many of the medals were thanks to the shooters, who had a phenomenal outing, including India's record-breaking shooter Samarensh Jung winning the David Dixon Award for outstanding athlete of the Games.

SEX: A masseur with the Indian Commonwealth Games team in Australia has been found guilty of indecent assault by a court in Melbourne. GOOD! The freaking Bangladeshi despo got away with a fine though... which is OK I suppose (drowning in sarcasm!) since the fella said he went for a woman's boobs because he thought it was ok... it was all a question of "cultural misunderstanding" afterall ;) What nonsense!!

DRUGS: Indian weightlifters Edwin Raju and Tejinder Singh received life bans after testing positive for steroids during last month's Commonwealth Games. Both tested positive for stanozolol in Melbourne, Australia, leading to India's suspension from international competition. India needs to stamp out doping says, sports minister Mani Shankar Aiyar. Amen to that.. We seem to make more news with doping in weightlifting, wresting, etc..than winning any medals!!

INDIA at the CLOSING CEREMONY: Apparently, Aishwarya, Sharukh or Saif and other Bollywood characters were at the Closing Ceremoney because Delhi will be the host of the 2010 Games.

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