April 28, 2006

Nonsensical surveys

Can't believe this is for real..!!!! 'Pataka Cool'...'Hasmukh'...sound like good summer drinks or something!.

After kids and the young Indian male, it is now the turn of urban Indian women to be 'studied' and segmented

The findings give five distinct segments with more details about the demographic, lifestyle, psychographics and brand skew of these segments. Lowe India has labelled these as Mrs. 'Hasmukh' Popular (27 per cent), Mrs. 'Meri Awaaz Suno' Attention Seeker (31 per cent), Mrs. 'Gharelu' Homepride (18 per cent), Mrs. 'Pataka' Cool (12 per cent) and Mrs. 'Hey Bhagwan' Moaner (12 per cent).

Apparently, there was a survey late last year that rated India as the second-sexiest nation (beating Brazil by 0.2%).

Well... like one of the comments at this post says.. Our capacity to delude ourselves is unlimited.

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