April 21, 2006

Reservations - India

Reservations now for "Other Backward Classes"!!!

Amit Varma's blog post and links therein to some other good posts on the subject eloquently tell us why reservation is a ridiculous, even immoral, and definitely counter-productive concept. Some strong reaction against it by India's corporate leaders and industry bodies of the retrograde suggestion by Manmohan Singh (ye tu, Brutus!) that '
the private sector would do well to voluntarily consider affirmative action in jobs in order to make the employee base 'more representative.'', with even some suggestion that they will go to court if forced to implement job reservations in the private sector. The Confederation of Indian Industry has also stated that mandatory reservation in any form is not conducive to competencies and therefore will not be acceptable.

Good discussion of the issues in the following media articles:

Who needs Quotas? - Outlook

The caste factor: Show me the numbers - Rediff

Caste Dragon - Who Can Slay It? - Patna Daily

Also read: Affirmative action is not without problems. If only there was good education for everyone...

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