April 14, 2006

MacGill vs. Warne

The one-off unique instance like the 2nd test against Bangladesh, where Australia have gone in with 3 spinners (MacGill, Warne, and debutant Dan Cullen) notwithstanding, in a team whose bowling has been dominated by such stalwarts such as McGrath, Gillespie, Brett Lee, and..Warne, Australia has not had many occasions to play both Stuart MacGill and Shane Warne. And so, MacGill, quite a spinner in his own right, has lived and played in the shadows of Warne for some time now... but an analysis of tests where both have played show that MacGill has stolen the show again and again ...

What's the best method to reduce Shane Warne's potency? Ensure that Stuart MacGill plays alongside him. Playing with the best legspinner in the world for the 15th time, MacGill hogged the limelight once more, taking 8 for 108 in the first innings even as Warne registered his most expensive figures in a Test innings, going for 112 in 20 overs. Admittedly, an elbow injury reduced Warne's potency, but it wasn't the first time MacGill stole the thunder from his more illustrious partner: the last time they played together, against South Africa at Sydney earlier this year, MacGill managed 4 for 135 to Warne's 2 for 151. Of the 15 occasions they have played together, MacGill has been the more effective ten times, most emphatically when he routed England with 12 for 107 at Sydney, while Warne struggled for his two wickets, conceding 110 runs. Warne's biggest hurrah came on the tour to Sri Lanka in 2003-04: in the two Tests they both played, Warne had a massive haul of 20 wickets for 314, while MacGill had a measly five for 232. As the table below shows, Warne averages five runs per wicket more when he plays with MacGill.

Stuart MacGill - Second fiddle, first class

Help me help you - MacGill believes he can extend Warne's career

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