April 4, 2006

Pakistan-Sri Lanka Test 2

HOLY COW... what a stunner..! Looks like this test will be different than the the low-scoring first innings but high scoring 2nd innings routine in the first test draw. A result is definite here..its only day 2 and 28 of a possible 40 wickets have already fallen and Jayasurya is unlikely to bat...so, only 1 more SL wicket to fall before Pakistan come out to bat again tomorrow morning..

End of Day 2:
Sri Lanka 279 & 73/8 (24.4 ov)
Pakistan 170
Sri Lanka lead by 182 runs with 2 wickets remaining

This Mohammad Asif is turning out to be quite a find for Pakistan... After consistently taking 3-4 tickets in the matches so far, he has marked his arrival with this test.. where he has totally ripped out the SL batting.. - 6 wickets in first innings and already has figures of 12-6-27-5 in 2nd outing for SL, who must have come out on a high after Murali, with his 51st 5-wicket haul, spun out Pakistan for a paltry 170 earlier today.

The 4th innings of the test is going to be real interesting.. that first inning lead of a 109 will ensure that Pak chase a 200+ score..which might be really tricky against Murali...considering he got them for 170 in the first outing.

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