April 30, 2006

Indian Mathematicians

Famous Indian Mathematicians.. - not talking about ancient Indian math stalwarts from centuries ago like Brahamagupta, Bhaskara or Aryabhatta nor THE famous Indian math wizard of the last couple centuries - Srinivasa Ramanujan ..

But want to bring to your attention two mathematicians making the headlines/news in the last 5-6 years..

1. Chandrakant Khare - Read my blog post about 'Chandrakant Khare and Fermat's Last Theorem' for further details..

2. Also another mathematician making the news recently.. - Divakar Viswanath of Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor (PhD at Cornell). In 1999, he wrote a paper about "Divakar's constant" which is the 'limit of the ratio of consecutive random fibonacci numbers'. Lot of discussion around this since with some people calling this new constant almost as important as the "golden ratio" (I need to find a reference/citation for this bold statement - for someone calling the constant as important as the much vaunted golden ratio - it was quoted to me by a friend).

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