April 11, 2006

MIT-Caltech Rivalry

...or maybe I should title this as 'Geeks know how to have fun too' :)

I was walking around along Memorial Drive in Boston last weekend and walked across the street last weekend to MIT campus and saw this cannon... wanted to take a picture with the cannon but didn't have a camera. Now its gone (back) --- Caltech students rescue icon swiped by MIT (See flemingcannon.com for all the details) --- Oh well..

Read the links below to get the story/history about the latest prank from last week...

The LA Times had the story. So did the Pasadena Star-News, and the Boston Globe, and even the CalTech PR office. But the best description of the hack (or prank) was in MIT’s student newspaper, The Tech, which delves into the lore and customs of the rivals across the continent.

Other Related Links from various webpages online about this great hack:

MIT Hackers Appropriate Caltech Cannon

Caltech vs MIT

CalTech Gets Pranked... Again
Hackers Have Blast With Caltech Cannon
Shoot! We've just lost our two-ton cannon in ultimate student ...
How & Ser Moving Co’s MIT Cannon website
Keeping Score: Caltech vs MIT
20 years ago, Harvey Mudd stole the cannon. Naturally there’s a web page all about it.
NEW: College Cannon Coeds, who, um, wish they all could be California girls (?).
NEW: The shoot of the bikini shoot.

Btw, MIT kids have indulged in these kinds of hacks on their own campus often in the past. One of the famous pranks included assembling a whole life-like cop-car replica on top of the MIT dome! This is so much a part of MIT lore that there is a 'Hall of hacks' gallery exhibit on the MIT campus, a book about the 'hacks', and even professors speak about the pranks in celeberatory tones! Read and see more at The MIT Gallery of Hacks to learn about pranks perpetrated over the years.

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