July 7, 2006

Indians in the news

Indians in the news... for some very different kinds of talents.. whatever they are worth for! :)

1. NRI breaks American pi record
Gaurav Raja, a 15-year-old Indian American high school student, has memorised 10,980 digits of pi, a mathematical term representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to the diameter, to break a North American record. Hiroyuki Goto of Japan set the world record in 1995 by memorising 42,195 digits of pi.

2. Miniature Paper Boats
Shreenath Dikshit can make a single paper boat in less than 10 seconds and can fashion about 500-800 boats at a time. He has just made it to the Limca Book of Records for his skill in making miniature paper boats,
a hobby he picked up as a child.

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