July 24, 2006

Every dog has its day

and other "news" from India -
all mostly gleaned through Amit Varma's blog, India Uncut

Reality-TV like sensationalism ran rampant in India over the weekend...

Boy rescued after two days in well First a TV tamasha as millions watched the drama unfold live on Indian television ....then a bigger tamasha as politicians try to get free footage from the 'event'...
Loo allowance: Hike in salaries, laptops and now fancy toilets - the Jharkhand politico's desire for perks seems boundless with the government now sanctioning Rs 1,50,000 for each legislator to upgrade the toilets in his house.

"Show me Vajrasana": That's what Oscar Fernandes, a member of the Congress Working Committee, reportedly asked a candidate he was interviewing for "a post in the National Student's Union of India (NSUI), the student body of the Congress." - via India Uncut

Vaastu Shastra: That's the latest battleground between M Karunanidhi and J Jayalalithaa. The lady isn't happy with where she sits in the state assembly, and is blaming the gent of using Vaastu Shastra to determine who sits where. - via India Uncut

Sit erect, right now -- via India Uncut
Why? Well, because Mallika Sherawat is doing something. Consider these incredible lines from Indiatimes:
Whatever she does, it makes you sit erect. Whatever she wears, it titillates you. Her intention is clear to make your attention pin-pointed on her sensual parts. She is sultry Mallika Sherawat, who always says it script demands. [Sic, naturally.]
And finally...
Every dog gets his day in court.. Veerappan's dog in court!!! - also via India Uncut

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