July 11, 2006

In other news

Depressing news from Bombay (Mumbai) today..... so it is a good time to distract myself with other news snippets this lunch hour - after not doing so for almost a week now!!

Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett dies aged 60

Letters reveal relative truth of Einstein's family life
Also read this story from some years ago that indirectly alluded to a certain closeness with his secretary, 'Johanna Fantova, 22 years younger than Einstein, who shared the last years of his life with the scientist. They would sail together, speak frequently on the telephone and discuss the many visitors the ailing Einstein received at his home in New Jersey. The relationship is revealed in a 62-page diary written by Fantova and discovered among her papers in February (2004). Written in German it covers the last year and a half of Einstein's life from October 1953 to April 1955.'

Other miscellaneous news items from here and there...

Wired wigs help students cheat in exams

Brazilian ministry left red-faced over call girl manual

Guy trades/barters his way up from a paper clip to a house!!

Man, 83, is oldest pro baseball player

Funny... How to use an Indian Toilet - an illustrative teaching guide ;)

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