July 19, 2006

Censorship & Moral Policing in India

One would think we live in freaking Iran or China (Wiki entry)!!!!

India curtails blog access, by Somini Sengupta, NYT
The government has directed local Internet service providers to block access to a handful of Web sites that are hosts to blogs.

Obviously, there is outrage over this…read more at these three posts by Amit Varma's and links therein..

Also read: No way you can block blogs!

Oh.. the hypocricies... more of the same... oh..i'm so 'chaste'...shoo..you dirty mind!!!!

India to get 'chaste' Big Brother

I do not buy the ridiculous this-is-so-against-our-culture argument!! (NOT!!) And don't even show them this or they'll ban flickr too!! Lets all just put our head in the sand, curb all freedoms, become despo-desis, or just close our eyes, ears, and stop the damn brain and go take vanvaas like some of our cultural forefathers did, huh? ;)

Not that I watch nor want to watch 'Big Brother' (or any other reality show) on TV nor vouch for it being good TV for India or elsewhere.. but the various antics of these holier-than-thou moral police in different parts of India does rankle me! Besides the obvious question of 'Who defines obscenity?', statements like 'Participants will be told to keep their hands to themselves' just found so inane! :)

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