July 14, 2006

Indian liberalization

A well-written article in DNA (which I found via Amit Varma's blog), where Gautam Adhikhari asks, "Are we better off, as a nation, than we were 15 years ago?" (its a rhetorical question - the answer is a resounding YES) and he criticizes Pankaj Mishra's recent NYT op-ed pieceother papers around the world?) in particular his "apparently gullible acceptance of the kind of loose, non-contextual data that’s peddled by the usual suspects of the left to bash India’s economic reform programme."
Also read:
(cross-posted or topo-ed in India's economy - International Herald Tribune
How far can India be pushed? - Hindustan Times

and could not read
oped in the Asian Wall Street Journal, titled "India's Far From Free Markets" (subscription link) but Amit Varma discusses it here. Also read previous posts by Amit Varma on related subjects: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

and Ravikiran Rao's post on the subject, Why we reformed what we did, in which he explains why "[e]veryone supports reforms, but someone opposes every single reform measure."

Spotlight: India slowly opens to the world

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