July 15, 2006

French movies

Libidos of a Certain Age
NYT review of Heading South,’ a French movie from 2005 'about older single women visiting 1970’s Haiti in a female version of sex tourism. The women in the film, in their late 40’s and 50’s, are spending a vacation at a resort where impoverished local beach boys serve as holiday gigolos. The teenagers devote themselves to nourishing the women’s starved libidos in exchange for food, gifts and temporary refuge from the perils of the island’s repressive regime.'

I read about this movie yesterday when I picked up a flier about the 11th Boston French movie festival at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which runs from July 6th to 23rd. This is a great opportunity to catch some of these latest 'arty' films from France.. but doubt I'll find the time to go see the movies. Also, at 10$/movie, it is as pricey as regular theaters here in Boston and I'll probably just scan the list of movies from the festival and see whatever movies I can rent or see for free via the public library for much cheaper!

However, having seen quite a few French movies from the last fifteen years, I have been meaning to see a series of some French movies by the New Wave directors like Truffaut, Resnais, Jean Luc Godard and from the late 1950s and early 1960s, who influenced directors like Satyajit Ray and many on this side of the Atlantic too. I have picked up Resnais' Hiroshima Mon Amour a few times from the public library but have somehow not managed to find the right time to see it. Another great director, whose movies I been meaning to see is Ingmar
Bergman and after that Akira Kurosawa.

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