June 14, 2007

It's a mad mad mad mad world - 2

More entertainment from around the world.

First up....

Judge orders man not to have girlfriend
Elsewhere, a prisoner escapes from prison because he misses his girlfriend. Awwwww... :-)

That must be some super titanium-alloy walking frame! After all, the others were running helter-skelter after being 'attacked' by this 'savage' beat? :)

Pensioner kills savage squirrel
A squirrel went on the rampage in Germany and attacked several people before it was killed by a pensioner with his walking frame.
NO.. not in Iran. Not in Saudi Arabia. Not Pakistan or Afghanistan either. Not even in sometimes retrograde India. Its in the US. Click on the link and find out where..

Town bans saggy trousers
And the problem being...? People pay good money for little purple pills that do the same! Recognize the serendipitous discovery and team up with the company that makes them to market it, young man! Won't even have to pay a stiff percentage (sorry!) to the lawyer!

Man sues over erection drink
A man is suing the maker of a vitamin-enriched health drink, claiming it gave him an erection that would not subside.
Ouch... NOT funny.. but I suspect there is a joke in here somewhere! And slipped on a soap and impaled himself? Yeah right.... :)

German impaled on plunger
A German almost died after using a sink plunger as a bath plug and impaling himself after slipping on a bar of soap.
This is precious! :)

Man 'shot wife's PC'
A US man allegedly shot his wife's computer after he caught her chatting to other men on MySpace.
What do you call a pig with six legs and two willies?

A piglet born in Croatia with six legs and two penises has been nicknamed Octopig.
Speaking of pigs, the follow-up to the story of the gargatuan pig that kid in Alabama shot is that it appears it was all hogwash - just another case of someone trying to hog some attention! Ok.. I'll stop with the corny (porky?) punning now!

But I'll end this with the freaky animal roundup :)

and last but not least..

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