May 12, 2006

It's a mad mad mad mad world - 1

Some frivolousness this Friday afternoon. I have had a long week and am fried. So time for some Friday afternoon laughs and timepass with news from this mad mad mad mad world!

I read a post by Amit Varma earlier about the Chinese being concerned about women wearing 'tight bras'....

The 'Most Commented/Read Stories in 48 Hours' frame at that article also had this article... (Phew that picture at this link - Hope I don't get called for putting porn links on my blog... ;))
A model displays Triumph International Japan's underwear with characters that read, "stop the birth rate decline", in Tokyo May 10, 2006. The undergarment was created to increase awareness of the issue of serious decline in Japan's population, the company said
and keeping on the subject:
Tempest in a D-cup as bust sizes grow
Bra producers have been forced to offer bigger cup-sizes in China because improved nutrition is busting all previous chest measurement record
I understand the .misplaced decimal point leading to a ridiculously high bill (actually...thats one major misplacement!)....but still cannot figure out how they ended up billing a dead man? :)
$218 trillion phone bill a shocking mistake: Malaysia's largest telephone company blamed a debt collection agency Thursday for a misplaced decimal point that resulted in a $218 trillion U.S. phone bill being sent to a dead man. - via India Uncut
Some other quirky tales below:
Online radio station for dogs
The world's first internet radio station for dogs has been launched in Thailand.

£30k for yoga lesson with Gwyn
A wealthy fan has paid £30,000 for a yoga lesson with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Scarlett's pet name for her boobs
Scarlett Johansson has revealed her pet name for her boobs is "My Girls".

World's most travelled bike stolen in UK
A cyclist travelled 335,500 miles on the same bike - only for it to be stolen as soon as he arrived in Britain.
The next one reminds me of the joke.. "Father narrates the 10 commandments..guy about to steal a hat from the coatrack, runs out screaming, Thanks for saving my soul - I remember where I left my hat. Father stops him and mean the 'I shall not steal' commandment changed your mind? He replies, 'No.. the one about the adultery did. I remembered where I left my hat' :)
Visit to strip club costly for priest
Police in Romania say they have caught a thief who stole money from a priest's car while he was in a strip club.
Something fishy about this tale..
Fire blamed on pet fish
A pet fish has been blamed for a house fire which nearly cost a woman and her two daughters their lives.
Talk about ditzy people..
Jade forgets how to spell her name
Jade Goody shocked fans at a book signing when she revealed she sometimes forgets how to spell her name.
I used to collect such oddball stories in a thread but will maybe from time to time have a new post with such stories. Note the new category - Oddball.

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