May 12, 2006

SE Asia News

News from BBC, May 12, 2006..

These two cartoons (
Muthuvel Karunanidhi & Jayaram Jayalalitha) have been taking turns becoming CM of TN since time immemoriam...or so it seems. One comes to power, arrests the other; the other comes to power, arrests the first one; life goes on in an unseemly viscious circle in Tamil Nadu politics - outgoing today was incoming in the last "elections" and will be in power again tomorrow! Ridiculous that these goons never retire in India.. people suffer through the same loons through entire generations and keep reelecting them despite various unkept promises*!! (hey..I'm rhyming in Johnny-Cochran style.... cartoons - goons - loons...If I were good with limericks, i'd be limericking by now.. :))

Veteran leader K Karunanidhi is to be the new Tamil Nadu chief minister after India's state elections. - May 2006

* Via a Amit Varma's blogpost today : "In this slideshow of freebies promised by various political parties during the Tamil Nadu elections, I come across the startling promise made by the DMK, of gifting two acres of land to each landless family." An earlier post at his blog had this snippet: J Jayalalitha has offered rice to her subjects at 25p a KG cheaper than her rival, M Karunanidhi.

P.S.: Some frivolousness but read this funny blogpost by Amit Varma on some MSM article headlines about Karunanidhi's party. Much fun ensues...

Red shadow - What communist election successes mean for India

India continues to be one of the few countries..(only democracy for sure.. others are dictatorships under the guise of socialist regimes) where the damn Commies continue to throw a spanner into the political works...

Maoists insurgents are creating trouble in parts of India too and are at the center of a terrible civil insurgency / uprising in Nepal too.. and I'd rather have these CPI and CPI(M) loons than the Maoist style insurgents completely wrecking the country... but even without any violence, they cause enough paralysis in India with their retrograde arguments and policies. Really... why are these cartoons (I am running short of words and repeating my earlier choice words for the politicians!) still a political party even....

Crisis talks after Sri Lanka raid - Sri Lankan truce monitors hold crisis talks with Tamil Tiger rebels after a sea battle left "dozens" dead.

Q&A: Sri Lanka crisis

Phoney truce --Why Sri Lanka's foes are not quite ready for all-out war

Sad that Sri Lanka is in a mess again.... and I am NOT talking about cricket - though there too, aided by some terrible umpiring against them (3 lbws not given on day 1 - decisions
which could have been given out on another day) and some bad luck and an impotent bowling attack on their part, they are being ground into the 'holy' Lord's dust

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