May 18, 2006

Everybody hates Brian?

(Title is take-off on the TV show, 'Everybody Hates Chris' by Chris Rock, about his childhood growing up in Brooklyn. The show is on UPN and is not as popular as it should be..funny, funny show!)

Lara returns for 3rd stint as West Indies captain

Richardson disagrees with Lara' s appointment

Richards surprised by Lara's appointment

Everyone seems to be against Lara! Chanderpaul obviously was not fit to be captain and had been forced into the role because there was no one else to take over the job and so the choice of Lara makes sense to me as a temporary stop-gap measure till World Cup 2007 (nothing wrong with that, Viv!) instead of putting Sarwan through the same excercise as they did with Chanderpaul. Sarwan didn't really step up to the plate and seem excited to take on that responsibility. He seems more in the Chanderpaul mold as a leader (great individual player but not a leader*) than say a Lloyd or even a Richards and WI has more to lose if under the pressure of captaincy, Sarwan's batting suffers than what it will gain by having him as captain. The others in the team are either too junior or not too sure of their place in the side even!

* The same can be said about Tendulkar or even Lara maybe... two of the greatest batsmen ever but certainly not good stints as captains. Maybe with that individual streak of genius comes a self-obsession and self-commitment that kinda goes against the grain of being a good captain? Qualities needed in a good captain (Vaughn, Brearly, etc.) come not from being the best batsman or bowler in the team but the most astute and the best team player..

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