June 4, 2007

Random Links - 10

Hit by a train in 1988 and in a coma for 19 years, a Polish railway worker just woke up to a world so different he can barely believe it. No Communist government, no food rationing, people in the streets talking on cell phones; he tells TV stations he has "no complaints."
Found this and other tidbits here.

McDonald’s restaurants will buy 54,000,000 pounds of fresh apples this year. Two years ago, McDonald’s purchased 0 pounds of apples. This is attributed to the shift to more healthy menu options (the Apple Pie, which has been at McDonald’s for years uses processed Apple Pie Filling).

Another interesting post via the same site...

Shift Happens - a 67 slides slideshow covering many things you may not and might want to know about the past and future trends of the world.


The world's highest swing is situated on top of a 1,100ft (335m) TV tower in Harbin city, China. It is set on a 700ft (213m) high viewing platform on the tower. People get to sit on a steel seat and swing out over the city, beyond the edge of the platform. The swing is called “Game for brave people”, reports Harbin Daily.

NG takes us on a wild and amazing tour of the New York City Underground.


Heavy runners lose toenails. I know, ew. But what if those toenails weren't lost -- what if they were repurposed, as a necklace? - via BB

How many whale testicles equal the weight of one mid-sized car?

(Answer: 3.2449998471)

More weird conversions here.

- via BB
A seventies-era softporn film remixed and redubbed to become a SFW video about the Vietnam war, created by a student for an American history class. - via BB

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