June 2, 2007

Rock on in arabic

Listening to some music on Last.fm, I heard a song by Rachid Taha, an Algerian born singer, who sings mainly in Arabic.

You can see videos of him rocking here and here, a recording from a live concert with Khaled and Faudel ...and last but not least singing Rock-the-Casbah here!

Hearing him rock in arabic truly demonstrated to me how music is a universal language. Someone has to declare the freedom to enjoy music, a basic joy of life, a basic human right that should be available to every single individual. Ok.. maybe its a given.. no one has to declare anything... for the most part, music has been the refuge for human beings through trial and tribulations although totalitarian governments, like the Taliban, did try to curb and restrict it.

P.S. Khaled was very popular in India in the 90s with his song Didi a big-hit in clubs and on TV. I quite enjoyed Khaled's song Aicha (sung in concert by Khaled and Faudel in the 2nd link). You can also hear more arabic music at this blog. Another famous Franco-Algerian singer I quite enjoy is Cheb Mami and have enjoyed his album, Meli-Meli multiple times. But Rachid and Faudel are new names to me and names to look for in the future when I am scouring the internet for some good global music!

P.P.S. Damn...what a coincidence. Here I am listening to Cheb Mami and other Rai singers and just read at the above wiki link for Cheb Mami that he was in the news just this week --- the French government has issued an international warrant to arrest Cheb Mami for jumping bail after being charged of "voluntary violence" against an ex-girlfriend.

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