June 13, 2007

It's a dog's world - 1

I have for some time now wanted to start a new series called "It's a dog's world" or in Hindi - "kutton ki duniyan hai"... but never got around to it. But today, I make a start - prompted by a post at India Uncut. (Stick to cows, let the dogs be, Amit :))

1. Doggles ...Goggles for Dogs! Think it is a silly idea? Well..some guys became millionaires selling just that to suckers like you and me!

Horny Dog Relief - Doggy Sex Doll
I think someone should put this up in a gallery somewhere as 'art'...after all, there is no saying what can pass as art these days! :)

3. There is a cruel joke somewhere in this story but I can't think of it and will refrain from taxing my brain muscles too much! Seems, a Chinese man whose genitals were eaten by a dog when he was a child was said to be happy with a new penis built from his chest muscles and hip bones.

4. Wagging the Dog, and a Finger - NYTimes
An increasing number of diners are seeking to bring dogs inside restaurants for emotional support. WTF...! Maybe next they will want to bring their miniature horses as Emotional Support Animals

And to think some people are whining about other people's noisy kids in restaurants!

5. Not always a dog's world.. some months ago we learned that a Las Vegas shelter killed 1,000 dogs, cats!

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