February 13, 2007

Weekly Review

I quite enjoy reading Harpers.org's often tongue-in-cheek Weekly Review column.

The following are gleaned from this weeks review:

William Donohue railed against "incendiary," "inflammatory," and "scurrilous" bloggers...[CNN]

Congressman Gary Ackerman insisted that it would take little more than a "platoon of lesbians" to chase the U.S. military out of Baghdad [Thinkprogress via Nerve.com]

"farcical, saucy, and somewhat tragic, man-breasts" were deemed ideal "fodder" for the British tabloid media :) [Times online]

Donatella Versace told Hillary Clinton to stop wearing pants.[Reuters]

In Washington state, proponents of same-sex marriage pursued legislation that would annul all connubial unions still barren after three years [Washington News]

Keith Urban, the country singer sued Keith Urban, a painter, after the latter Urban registered the Internet domain name keithurban.com "with the intent of producing confusion."[Playfuls.com ]

U.S . Representative Joe Baca denied calling a congressional colleague a "whore" [ Raw Story]

In Texas, elementary school children were increasingly becoming addicted to "chees", a potentially lethal combination of heroin and Tylenol PM. "Any child anywhere can afford a hit of cheese," said a detective. "It's just horrific." [ABC News]

French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy publicly advocated "an excess of caricatures" depicting prophet Muhammad. [Reuters]

Zimbabwe outlawed inflation [NY Times]

A British Muslim high school was under criticism for using textbooks that depicted Jews as apes and Christians as pigs, and predicted that all non-believers would be condemned to hellfire.[This London]

Remote-controlled "zombie computers" attacked three of the world's largest Internet servers [Boing Boing]

Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, said he wasn't sure if the paper would still be printed in 5 years, "And you know what?" Sulzberger added. "I don't care." [Haaretz]

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