February 12, 2007

Blogs to read

Some good blogs that I would like to recommend today are:

Guy Kawasaki's Blog
Freakonomics Blog
Tom Peter's Blog
TED Blog
and Seth Godin's blog. (Also read his various books... and download his free e-book)

Instead of surfing Dailykos.com, Plastic.com & other sites for political and sports news, I should be reading the above blogs daily and not merely take a perfunctory look once in 6 months.... but then what fun would life be without the ecstacy of the arts, the joys of literature, the agony of human stupidity in politics and other daily affairs... variety, after all, they say, is the spice of life. But I admittedly suffer from a lack of focus and drive or ambition in any one area and that reflects in the range of sites I surf, the variety of topics that interest me, and this blog is just an extension of the same!

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