February 8, 2007

India - mostly free

I had highlighted some articles on Independence Day last year on what freedom means in India...

Here are some more recent articles on the subject:

The 2007 Index of Economic Freedom is out. India ranks 104. Read more here. (via India Uncut)

Three articles from the new Indian newspaper, Mint (free registration required).

  1. Niranjan Rajadhyaksha's editorial in the inaugural issue of the paper In defence of freedom.
  2. Mistaking froth for fact -
  3. Where's the Freedom Party? by Amit Varma, who has also cross-posted it at his blog.
Is India Overheating?
The government says no. The evidence suggests otherwise.

India overheats..
India cannot run as fast as China without further reform (from the Feb 1st print edition of

The Economist
(available in full only to subscribers)

The Indian tiger is on the prowl. This week, in an apt piece of symbolism, Tata Steel, which dates back to the days of the Raj, leapt into the league of top producers when it bought Britain's Corus, which includes the steelmaking remnants of the old imperial power. Nor is Tata alone: younger Indian companies such as Infosys and Wipro are storming international markets.…

Unfortunately, you'll have to read the full article in The Economist itself (aah... no...trust someone to infringe copyrights...here is a link to the article. I am very divided as I link to this URL!). Also, an interesting discussion thread about the Economist article at the Indian Economy Blog.

The topic has been raised by others in December 2006 too, much before the press this month with the Economist cover story and its burning-tail-tiger cartoon on the cover

And finally.... I agree that we are over-heating in other ways too... as witnessed by me last week in Mumbai with temperatures soaring to a humid 35C in January... but lets not get me started on global warming now ...esp. with the temperature a frigid 12F (feels like -3F) here this morning... :)

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