February 13, 2007

Random Links - 1

a) If Elle McPherson says she can't get a date and has been celibate for two years, what chances do mere mortals like us have! In unrelated news today, scientists reported findings that early social experiences influence romantic relationships.
b) Well... you could be a 'hero' and enjoy quite a life - fathering
"at least 100,000 daughters and countless sons". RIP, Galtee Merci, the '' stud bull who died earlier this week. Not sure being a stud was all its purported to be.. but atleast he didn't risk suffering from dementia, huh? :)

The ridiculous
a) Our President APJ Abdul Kalam wants a solution to end terrorism, so he decides to ask us on Yahoo! Answers
b) Does Pink Floyd's Roger Waters really like the color pink?
c) Teens convicted of producing and possessing child pornography for taking pictures of themselves.
a) dlog is a new document visualization system that attempts to show writing not as a static document but a progression of frames over time. - via Mefi
b) Is quantum computing finally here?
c) Clash of the Comets...

Health (all via Scienceblog.com)
Loneliness Associated with Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s'Missing Link' in Process Leading to Alzheimer's Disease
b) Omega-3 fatty acids may slow down early Alzheimer's
Curry may help body clear itself of Alzheimer's plaques

hese guys are no scientists...they just wanted to go to the adult book store & study people getting aroused ;)
Sexual stereotypes influence behavior in adult bookstores
Men, women get turned on equally fast

Men will be apes will be men will be...

Biological anthropologists speculated that male chimps living in communal "free love" simian societies attempt to control the sexuality of their female partners by beating them [Science Now]

Uber-Cool Stuff (all via Metafilter)
Detailed images of a complete miniature city
b) Detailed minitature dollhouses
c) Incredible Oragami
d ) Christmas Island sits just northwest of Australia, and is the perfect place to go if you're trying to get over a fear of being surrounded by small animals. Every November/December about 120 million Red Crabs make their annual migration to the ocean to mate and spawn. The masses of crabs cover some routes so densely that they can be seen from the air. - (via Mefi)

US Politics

a) The Psychology of Security. An essay by Bruce Schneier on the difference between the feeling of security and the reality of security. [Via MindHacks.]
b) What the US could buy for $145 billion - the 2007 Iraq war budget (Apparently, with the latest war Budget, the Iraq war costs have topped Vietnam)

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