February 13, 2007


Speaking about the elections in Punjab, Navjot Singh Sidhu, in an interview with CNN-IBN, says...
The sun is going to pierce through these clouds. There is going to be a new day coming in for Punjab. A new sun will shine in the state - the sun of Prakash Singh Badal. Prakash means light - there is going to be a new light in Punjab. The current rule of tyranny, which has spread fear in Punjab, which has looted Punjab, which has sold the interest of Punjab, where the interest of the poor has been ignored by the state government is going to come to an end. These elections will be the victory of good over evil.
Prakash means light but Badal means clouds. So.... could be that the future looks cloudy and bleak, no?

And someone please explain to me what Sidhu means by this...
When trouble comes, Navjot Singh Sidhu discovers his strength. My advise to the Chief Minister is, make hay while things are going haywire and they are going haywire all the way down to the wire.
I c
annot believe people are quite taken by such verbal diarrhoea; though as this blogger suggests such 'idiomatic stroke-play makes politics his natural playing ground.' But it is amazing that unlikely as it may seem to a logical mind, this kind of nonsense has lead to his immense popularity on the Indian political scene, with celebrations marking the stay-order by the Supreme Court, reversing the recent conviction for a murder he committed in 1988 in a fit of what can be deemed road-rage.

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