June 25, 2006

Rich people

Two stories..

1. Arcelor agrees to Mittal merger
The world's two largest steel companies have agreed on a more than €26 billion merger.

First Gates decides to step down from CEO role (albeit effective June 2008) and concentrate on his charity work with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation....less than a week later, this....

Billionaire Warren Buffett giving his fortune away"
"Brace yourself," billionaire Warren Buffett warned with a grin during an interview with Fortune magazine. He then described a momentous change in his thinking. Within months, he said, he would begin to give away his Berkshire Hathaway fortune, worth well over $40 billion. Most of it is going to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he said.

The Gates Foundation: a global force

Guess Gates knew it was coming, huh? :) This a great donation from Buffett though... May their tribe increase!

Now lets seriously END POVERTY, fight AIDS-HIV and other scourges, and other world problems. (No...they probably can't solve the mess in Iraq or the Palestine-Israel conflict...that the perpetrators will have to figure out how to solve!)

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