June 26, 2006

Darkness and Hope

There is still hope...

....here is a atypical bit of news – quite different than the usual stupid, retrograde, inane, meaningless, did I mention retrograde, sheer evil, comic, sad, depressing, and sometimes simian (monkey-business!) stories that we read in the media ..(Actually all the links in this sentence are from items Amit Varma has blogged about recently at his site, India Uncut.)

The 'retrograde' links above lead to...

Banning skirts, measuring skirts - IANS reports that a woman's commission in Madhya Pradesh "has suggested a ban on the wearing of skirts in schools and colleges and a strict dress code to control incidents of crime against women."


Banning the 'condom' word: Donning the role of the morality police, the Left Front Government has ordered that the Buladi AIDS awareness campaign - which has been running since December 2004 - be changed to omit the use of “offending” words and phrases.

While the news which brings me an element of hope that all is not wrong in this world is..
India's eye-donor capital - Tens of thousands of residents of Neemuch, a small district town of 150,000 people in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have pledged to donate their eyes....

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