June 23, 2006

Ella to the rescue

TGIF.... It feels like a Saturday...want to just lay back and enjoy some jazz.

I want to ba-be-do-be-doodle like her :)

Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie: "Flyin' Home" (video via download.com)

Next up... the Puppini Sisters and the song 'Heart of Glass' heard and enjoyed on Mel Hill's wonderful jazz program on BBC Radio. Retro is back, baby.... ;)

Title of this blogpost reminds me of a poemku I wrote in 2004..

Coltrane in repose
A riff to the rescue
Life's subtleties

P.S. A little quote about jazz, arguably the 'highest rendition of individual emotion in the history of Western music'

Jazz is something Negroes invented, and it said the most profound things -- not only about us and the way we look at things, but about what modern democratic life is really about. It is the nobility of the race put into sound ... jazz has all the elements, from the spare and penetrating to the complex and enveloping. It is the hardest music to play that I know of, and it is the highest rendition of individual emotion in the history of Western music. - Wynston Marsalis (Ref.)

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