June 26, 2006

London or Tokyo, Moscow ya Oslo

If I had a dollar for each time someone claimed something with a "survey".... I could afford to live anywhere in the world :)
It almost seems like cities are vieing in a contest to be un-affordable!

Moscow has eclipsed Tokyo as the world's most expensive city, a new survey says.
The Russian capital moved up three spots from a year ago thanks to a recent property boom, according to a survey released Monday, while the Japanese capital slipped to third place due to the weaker yen. South Korea's Seoul ranked second on the list, up from fifth last year.

This report last year said that London is the most expensive city in the world due to the UK capital’s high cost of renting accommodation while if rents are excluded, Oslo, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Zurich are among the most costly cities in the world

Another report last year claimed Oslo is the most expensive.

Here is an article that references costs (with respect to commercial rents mainly) in Mumbai (Bombay) & Delhi.

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