June 16, 2006

Books on two Italian Geniuses

Perusing through the public library last year, I had found two new books on Leonardo Da Vinci: Leonardo by Martin Kemp and Leonardo da Vinci : Flights of the Mind: A Biography by Charles Nicholl.

Some other interesting books about Da Vinci:
Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series) by Carmen C. Bambach
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (Volume 1) by Da Vinci
Leonardo : The Artist and the Man by Serge Bramly
Leonardo: Beautiful Dreamer by Robert Byrd
Leonardo Da Vinci: The Complete Paintings and Drawings by Frank Zollner
Leonardo Drawings (Dover Art Library).

Also of interest are the following books on the other Italian genius from the Rennaissance period ...Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

Michelangelo Life Drawings (Dover Art Library)
Filippo Brunelleschi's design for the dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence remains one of the most towering achievements of Renaissance architecture. Completed in 1436, the dome remains a remarkable feat of design and engineering. Its span of more than 140 feet exceeds St Paul's in London and St Peter's in Rome, and even outdoes the Capitol in Washington, D.C., making it the largest dome ever constructed using bricks and mortar. The story of its creation and its brilliant but "hot-tempered" creator is told in Ross King's delightful Brunelleschi's Brunelleschi's Dome : How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture.
Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling also by Ross King
The Agony and the Ecstasy : A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo by Irving Stone
The Stones of Florence by Mary McCarthy

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