May 3, 2013

Music for the day: Can't Help Falling in Love

I came to Bob Dylan late...but since last year, there have been multiple days when no other music seems to make sense and I crave for his raspy voice, which once upon a time I  did not pay enough attention to care for! I am glad my musical tastes they are a-continually-changing! ;-)

So, for today, forget Elvis's original or the enjoyable UB40 version that I was listening to just this past weekend (remembered I had bought the UB40 CD, Promises & Lies, in the 90s! Though I have not listened to it in a while, listening to the songs this past weekend my wife and I wondered why we didn't carry this in our car and listen to it more often over the years!). 

For now, listen to Bob Dylan sing this song in his own unique style! Love it! Love it! Love it! (Yes - I listened to it three times this morning and three times again this evening just now while posting about it!)

 A painting of the profile of Bob Dylan's face with red, yellow, purple, and black stripes

Can't Help Falling in Love
by Bob Dylan
from the album Dylan, released in 1973. (Out of print and tough to buy you if you want to, you can try your luck here.)

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